Increase of cyber crimes in this lockdown giving the meaning to the old saying- An empty mind is de*il's house!! Daily Drag
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Experts believe that in this situation of lockdown when relationships are going online, people are more prone to social media and rely much on technology which increases the chances of ‘sextortion’. This situation is not prevalent only in India but the UK too has faced cases of cybercrimes. Akancha Srivastav, founder of Akancha against Harassment says that “This is just the frustration and anger that is coming to the fore as there is no other release right now. This is a form of frustration as [cyber criminals] are caged right now. Men are morphing images and threatening women. There is a wh*le racket going on where women are getting these emails that your phone and laptop have been hacked, and if you don’t deposit money my account I will send your morphed images, and share it with all your contacts.” Also, she added that no complaints rise every day from 20-25 per day. It also has been alleged by experts that, when the wh*le country is locked down, all the work is done through home owing to much time spent on the internet and becoming more familiar with the technology. So, this has paved the way for cybercriminals to come up with new innovative ideas and techniques to foster their aim. This truly made an idiom go right, “An empty mind is de*il’s house”.

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