Importance of discipline.... Confession
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Discipline is the word that implies a great meaning in everyone’s life. It is a set of standard rules that is set up by scholarly individuals. It is a way of being honest, hard-working, motivated & encouraged throughout the life.Discipline is an important behavior in life. It is a character trait which is crucial for expressing many other attributes in life. It refers to orderliness in life, which is essential for success in one’s life. Additionally, it demonstrates respect to physical and moral laws in society.We all know that students are the future assets of the nation. Discipline lays a good foundation of being selective, independent, punctual, focused, encouraged & organized in life. Self-discipline is very important that lies in inhibiting our headlong desires and passions. As compared to those who disregard discipline, a disciplined child takes an interest in studies. He/ she can choose subjects & his/ her career more easily & independently.It is rightly said that, “Life without discipline is just like a ship without radar”.

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