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Ihan Omar has become a ray of hope and light to many who were suffering different kinds of discrimination in America. From schoolgirls to adults Ihan now is a sigh of relief and yet another proof that they can reach great heights fighting the atrocities they face. Ihan Omar was a Somali refugee who migrated to America because of the Somali civil war when she was 12 and settled in Minnesota the place is known as a small part of Africa itself considering the African population residing there. She and her family came to America with great hopes of a secure life but the reality shocked Ilhan and she desperately wanted people to recognize her for everything else but not for her colour, her headscarf or her accent. From a refugee camp Ihan grew up to love politics and managed to reach reputable positions through her hard-work and bold stands and leadership skills which finally reached the stage where she became a counter narrative for America that elected a racist, misogynist and bigoted president and became the first Somali-American, first naturalized citizen from Africa and the first non white woman from Minnesota and finally one of the two first Muslim women to serve congress. The mileage of her successes is an inspiration to many marginalized communities- the black community, the women, the Muslim, the refugee - to find a leader that stands as an inspiration for these many communities will be very rare to find. Since her success in politics she has passed various bills and amendments and is a constant name heard in the politics for her outspoken character that has led to have bitter feelings among her own party itself. As a representative from all the oppressed communities it is only natural that she will have haters. Despite the continuous poking of controversy from others she has become the name that mothers teach their children to aspire to break all adversities and to change misfortunes into the beautiful flowers of opportunity, she has made women, refugees, blacks and Muslims to hold their identities in dignity in-spite of all the discriminations.

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