I wish to become a story writer...I share a story here which wrote by myself. Confession
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It was a beautiful evening. The sun set made the balcony of the cafe more beautiful. The music played by the guitarist added more elegance to that place. But these things were not looks beautiful to him because she was in front of him. For him her eyes were the most beautiful thing in the world. He met her after seven years. Everything was changed this city, their lifestyle, their looks etc... Except her eyes. He never believed his ears when she called him and told that she wants to meet him. “She was here yes she was here in front of my eyes the wait was over; I never miss her again, I am going to confess her” his heart continuously said this. He wished that this evening could never ends. After completing her cappuccino she started to speak about her work, her family, her new pet dog, etc...Nothing was hearing to him, he is completely drowning in her eyes and said “I love you”. She was shocked for a moment and said” I thought you were forgotten those things and also I want to meet you to talk about us but I was afraid that you may reject me, because I ignored you those days”. “It had been seven years, we didn’t meet, we didn’t talk, and also you didn’t propose to me, what the reason made you to believe that I will come for you?” she added. He smiled.”Won’t you find someone else in these seven years, tell me the truth, I know you received many proposals right? Why didn’t you accept them?” she asked again. “No one attracts me like the way your eyes attracted me, your eyes they knows that I was looking at you all the day, they shows anger on me for stalking at you, your lips scolds me but the smile on your eyes shows that you were also love me the same way as I loves you, sometimes your eyes were made you caught red for secretly staring at me, sometimes they shows fear about me that I could found them staring at me , for these seven years my heart searched for your eyes only, it accepts no one else “ he replied. Tears overwhelmed on her eyes. “One last question, won’t you tired of waiting for me “she h*led his hands and asked. “Sometimes people worth the wait” he replied and kissed her hands.

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