I went to my hostel after a year! Daily Drag
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So my colleges are reopening well they have reopened it for the final years already. My batch being the pre-final year is supposed to open on the 18th. Well my grandmother's house is nearby but she is too old to cook and prepare the lunch and it also is an isolated area so considering my safety I live at the hostel and all my clothes have been there since a year or so. So I thought maybe I should go and take in my clothes so I can at least wash it here. One of my roomates jemi she came as well and I saw her after so many months and I was absolutely thrilled.

All the luggage of every room was piled up in a single room as our hostel was rendered as a quarantine center for the travellers. The place was really clean otherwise but so many luggages and packages congested in a single room and then I had to find mine. The horrors! One of suitcase didn't even have a zip it was broken I just didn't want any insects feeding off of it! However it was great being back I greeted the warden we all talked about life it was indeed an exhausting day but all the nostalgia flooded back lol I ain't even graduated and yet things hit me a lot. It's about a week when I finally have to go there so I guess we'll see what avails.

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