I want to leave everything but it's no use until I'm ready! Daily Drag
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It's not that big of a deal right I mean so many of us feel like leaving the current place and going to some place new, meeting new people, exploring new possibilities, basically have a new life. I have wanted that for quite a long time but then I realized a lot of people do that and still fail. It's probably because we expect our lives to change just because we change a place, but no place is going to make a difference if we are that same toxic person. You're going to meet new people and ruin your bond with them because of you jealousy, insecurity, other issues. You're going to find a new career, but ruin it because of your commitment phobia and laziness. In the end, its just about you and how you change things, unless you work on yourself worst even in the tiniest way possible, even heaven feels like hell.

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