I want to be higher than every marginalized thing. Daily Drag
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I want to be higher than everyone. I don't want to live for myself and neither do I want to die for the country all at once but I want to give little happiness to so many individuals at so many unexpected timings that they start believing in universe and the concept of hope. Maybe a candy to a crying kid who thought the world was ending when his mother denied him to buy that. She must have been careful for not giving the child whatever he wanted to protect his pride and limit his boundaries. But I want that kid to have some hope, to believe everything happens for a reason and that somehow if that candy was in fact written in his destiny then nothing could stop him. I want to maybe feed a starving dog, caress a lonely cat, be a shoulder to cry on for someone who hates me, they'd maybe realize hatred is merely the perception of an instance. The world is cruel and dark, but I would really like to be the golden wing for people, at least at some point of their life.

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