i think hes lying to me! what should i do PLEASE HELP ME! Confession
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hey im gonna be honest i vape and im under age but i get them from a guy friend we were talking prices and he said he would knock the price down if i gave him a Bj and that really pissed me off like WTF dude then he said that was his friend i think he might be lying to me what should i do


Honestly I am not going to judge you for vaping being underage because hey its your life and it has to be your decision. If you really think you're matured enough, if you really think doing what you are doing is indeed a mature decision then well okay but just think it through all right. I won't lecture about ethics principles family etc. etc. as I'm guessing you already know the gist. Also in such cases 90% chances are that he is lying because I used to do that too. Send a "I like u" text to my crush and saying one of my friends did that! Or maybe just a very rare possibility that he isn't lying well its upto your intuition. If you have met him many times, you ought to understand his psychology a little bit no. However till you feel safe I think you should maintain some distance like don't knock him off immediately though but yet again try to avoid smartly.
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