i shouldn't like you. i have a crush on you. even though i am inlove with another. Relationship Friends
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I shouldn't like you because I just met you. I shouldn't like you because I barely know you. but why do I smile when I see you. why do I feel those butterflies as if you were going to be mine. but I do already have a mine. you shouldn't be in my head but you are. questioning everything that I know about love. I shouldn't like you, but I want to get to know you. I'm so intrigued in this new flame of friendship that maybe I want to entinguish the flame i have on the other end of the spectrum. i am just unsure because I'm probably not even your type/ you probably don't think of me in that way since we are new. i just have this feeling. that maybe it can be. it's a possibility since life is very unpredictable. you were so unpredictable in my life. kinda funny how I met you in chemistry. i want to form our own chemistry. but I shouldn't . i just shouldn't. platonic friendship . is that what i really want?


The way you are talking, well its not just friendship is it? You must feel closer to him than your existing love these days, trying to know more about him. Do you feel drifting away from your current partner. Maybe before it gets out of your hand you should discuss it with your partner as this going with the flow thing will definitely complicate things in the future. If you have a crush on someone else, then maybe you are not in love and of you are not, then you must tell him/her at the earliest and break things off before entering into a new bond. I know its going to be hard but its okay! You didn't do anything on purpose, we really have no control over the emotions, but you can always control the decision! I hope you take the right step.
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