I should know what I want and who I want but I don't and it makes me feel like a terrible person Relationship Significant Others
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I have been with my boyfriend for almost four years now and he's so good to me. I love him emotionally but physically I don't feel passionate. I do however get turned on my women so easily. So I've been considering the possibility that I could be lesbian or it could just be stress. On top of this, my best friend of ten years that I had feelings for in the past years ago told me she's in love with me again. I can't deny I have a strong love for her too but I love them both. I don't know how to choose without losing one of them or making a decision and later realizing I made a mistake. I feel like I'm stuck in the middle here and I just want to be happy with myself and my identity again. I love them so much it is all so stressful and I hate to think of life without either one or hurting them, I just feel lost.


It is totally fine to have such feelings and no you are not a lesbian and even if you are there is no shying from you. Learn to accept yourself as you are, being attracted to same sex is not a taboo at all.why do you feel like this...maybe you love both of them and that makes to heterosexual who many people are ...they just don't realize it. Accept yourself


Hey you should not feel terrible about this, if at all, I am really happy for you that you are able to accept this as most of us because of the judgement of the society don't even come to terms with it. Maybe you are bisexual, or maybe even pansexual, you'll figure it out and trust me its not your fault. Sometimes our identities reveal itself quite late and we just can't blame it on anyone. Considering your current situation, if you have feelings for both then you should discuss it with your boyfriend first as you owe an explanation to him. He ought to understand that would reveal his maturity as well. Of course he might be hurt, just give him as well as yourself some time! You must never be afraid of expressing who you are just because you think you will lose someone, because in that case believe me that someone would not be worth it!
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