i only want to make others happy and help them through a tough time like my friends helped me <3 Relationship Friends
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this is my first time venting on something like this so I'm so sorry if this isn't good. In every friend group I've been in I have always been the "therapist" friend. I want my friends to trust me enough so that they feel safe around me and are able to express their feelings around me so that I can help them get through all of their problems. When they have a problem they normally come to me so I can help them and after we talk about it I comfort them and help with anything I can, and when I see them smile I get happy and its really the only thing that makes me happy because my friends and family are the only thing that I care about. I don't care if something happens to me as long as my friends are all ok. of course I have problems of my own but I deal with those by myself because I don't want to bu*den any of my friends and I cant tell my family because I don't trust them and I've hid who I really am to them and they never believe anything I say so why would I bother then with my problems if they just minimize them and make me feel even worse? I have social anxiety so its hard for me to make friends with people I don't know so I value the ones I have more than I value myself because I want to make them happy. I wish I could help everybody and suffer their problems so they wouldn't have to. Every time I see someone happy after I helped them I feel like I made a difference in their life even if it was a little one but it still fills me with joy and a will to live this cruel world, My friends are one of the most important things in my life and even though I hate myself for bottling up my emotions all my problems disappear when I make someone happy. The reason I try to make everything okay is because I care about them and I know what is feels like being sad and depressed, I would never want them to feel that ever in their life. The people that befriended me in my life have changed me and made me feel like I'm somebody that can do great things, without my friends I don't think I would be living right now, They have made me so happy in my life so I want them to be happy. Everyone of my friends are amazing and I wish I was like them because they stopped me from doing something terrible to myself that I would regret without even knowing that they helped me that much. I wish I could do more for them because they saved me so many times and gave me a source of light in the darkness when I really needed it. They have been a really important if not the most important thing that has happened to me and because of them I'm getting to see my little sister grow up. If i had ended my life I would have never met some of the best people in my life and the best little sister ever. Its still hard to deal with my problems by myself but my friends and my sister are the reason I keep going. So anybody that is in a dark place right now, find a reason to live whether it be your family, friends, pets, anything because it helps a lot and if you don't think those are reasons to live then keep living for me because even though we don't know each other I care about you and so do other people, even if you don't think they do, they really do. I'm still put others first and i love doing it because you can be the light that someone needs in their life and save someone from doing something that they would regret like my friends did for me, and if you put others first like me just remember that you are also important so don't be afraid to have some alone time and take care of yourself every once and a while. I hope this makes somebody happy or gives somebody a reason to live, have an amazing day <3


Hey buddy first of all there is no good or bad vent. I'm glad you could reach our here and pour your heart out. Seems like you're quite an emotionally rich person when it comes to your family and friends and its adorable how much you love them and I relate so much with you right now. Of course we all have to hide our real selves from our parents and there are so many differences yeah so it happens, but that doesn't mean we don't love them right. I'm sure you really are happy with your friends and its good to try and make efforts to make them stay. However please make sure that you don't push yourself so hard that it starts disrupting your peace and know if the other person really considers you a friend or not else the efforts would backstab you right? However I am really glad that you feel happy and I hope your friend group cherishes you as well. Have a great day.
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