I have a somewhat complicated friendship with an online friend Daily Drag
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Near the end of May, I met a boy online. He is super cool and nice and I am glad I met him because quarantine would've been so much more boring and lonely without him. The thing is though, while talking for months, he developed feelings for me while I have not. He thought that I liked him as well but somewhat recently, I'd say last month or the beginning of this month even, the truth came out and I had hurt him emotionally. I had an anxiety attack because I was scared that he would never want to talk to me or wouldn't want to be friends anymore. Things are somewhat better now, but we still have our awkward/bad moments. I wish we just had a normal friendship where things were just...normal.. and not weird at all. Also, even though I am 100% sure I don't like him, I still don't like it when he brings up his ex girlfriend. It just makes me kind of sad for some reason. I have never been in a relationship before and knowing that he has makes me feel upset when it really shouldn't. I'm getting better with those emotions but yeah.


You are going through which every teenage goes through, I am not sure of your age which does not matter but its very normal to go through this I must say. You have feelings but still you don't. You don't wanna hurt him, you are possessive for him.you are jealous when he talks about his ex...but you are not sure if you like him.don't worry all this is fine as these are the moments when your heart and mind are exploring. Find some moments to speak with him, go for coffee and get to know him more...
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