i dont wanna live anymore. i wanna end it all Relationship Myself
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life is so hard. i think i just wanna end it. my parents making worse and worse. today my mom decided to hit on me for only having 3 missing assignments. i just wanna run away and never been seen anymore. i hate it here. i just wanna leave earth. the only things thats preventing me to not kill myself is my online friends and i cant even talkto them anymore cause i dont even have my phone. i just need help


Hey I know its not okay right now but it soon will be. And there will again be moments where things would be messed up but just know that its going to be over soon, It always is so until then hold on! And yeah unfortunately our parents never manage to understand us. They call it the teenage rebellious phase when we are just demanding something that we literally need to keep our minds at peace, like they haven't even seen those kids who makes this high demands and are totally into alcohol, drugs and just ruining their lives. We try to do the right thing and it seems like we are never even acknowledged for it but seriously, you can be the change! Hold on a little longer, and do the right things when you can, just till then try to hold on!


Me too , school and my parents are my demons it's never friends other family siblings sports or anything else it's always my parents my face looks terrible rn and I won't be able to turn on my camera for zoom tomorrow it's fine . I have c^t myself and I have none in my corner because I feel so unheard and so left out , my mom thinks she has the best parenting skills but does not know shit about me besides the shit she sees or snoops around and finds . I'm a non educated bitch and or ho when I'm missing assignments or failing a class and she'll beat me till I'm blue and I have to apologize for her wrongs . I feel like gen-z's parents are the worse and they will never understand and will never hear their child out or listen to their emotions it's always their way I've been debating all day why i should not kms . but it's not for you or me so try to fight through this bestie <3
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