I didn't workout 3 weeks and its devastating Daily Drag
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I had been quite cautious about my body in the lockdown probably cz the only connection i had with the real world was through my phone and the trendy videos were always of the girls with perfect nude make-up and hourglass body with the 11 lined abs and let's just be honest, IT HURTSSS!!! So I started cardio around august just watching random videos and stuff and I was real consistent. I rarely missed a day! And let me tell you I HATE WORK-OUTS OR INVOLVING IN SPORTS OR ANYTHING REMOTELY RELATED TO PHYSICAL WORK. I have always been envious of others but I personally hate it. But worked real hard well i could not really see a difference.

Then around last week of october I switched to chloe ting's two week shred and 28 day flat challenge and I had abs!! I had the ab lining I was so damn happy!! If someone like me can do that! Trust me anyone can. But then after the second week of december I stopped working out and started eating a lot. I wasn't on a diet the past months but I didn't snack. This time I over ate and now everything is lost! The abs, the shape, even my stamina. But I started working out again last week and this time I'm going to be consistent and get my old one back.

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