I can't believe he invited me to the wedding lol. Daily Drag
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So I have a classmate lets call him karan. In our early orientation days, he was like shininh amidst the boys like fun loving, totally funny, very active in all the activities. I have a tough time connecting with people but I knew he was my vibe once I get comfortable. So we talked ion text for the few days I asked him is he was single he said why are you interested I said lol. I mean it was just a funny conversation right, He said so thats how reject nice. I'm like whaaat!!!?? He was not serious right?? And lol we don't even know each other. This was all in my head I genuinely thought it was a joke but then he just stopped talking. Like he won't even talk to me in class or look in my way. Then he dated this girl and later I hear the story that I was interested in him!! Idk if it was a rumour or he actually said that but I was hurt. We haven't talked ever since that day though. Like just if I have to ask something related to class I would and so would he that is all nothing less nothing more. We have a mutual best friend though lol he suffers a lot cz we openly don't get along. So karan invited me to his brothers wedding. He invited everyone face to face I was right there and he didn't but now he texted. I mean even if it was just a formality I'm glad he did atleast I'm not an outcast. I'm not going obviously but I appreciate it.

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