I can’t be the only one with this home life Relationship
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I can’t be the only one that goes through this daily at home. I have a feeling my wife likes me miserable. I do everything to please her. She doesn’t work does what she pleases. I get off work at 5pm and if I’m not home by 545 I start getting calls and multiple texts leaving me with no time to myself or even run errands. I have never been unfaithful to her or anyone in that matter. But I’m always getting accused and have to defend myself. I have an adopted child with my first marriage and need to talk to my exwife about him. She has me I an app where I can’t talk to my ex without her seeing. She has even deleted messages from her so I don’t get them. My wife’s 2 children live full time at the house and I can’t discipline them without getting accused of being mean. My son hates coming to my house now cause she is awful to him and has never accepted him. Every night is an argument snout something I’ve did or don’t do or getting home within 30 mins from work. If she asks me to do something I get ridiculed. She complains about the house being messy even though she’s home all day. If I clean I get yelled at for throwing something away and not in the right place. I’m pretty sure she’s been gaslighting me on thing also. So I get yelled at for cleaning or not cleaning either way I go I’m wrong. She has alienated me from all my friends and even my parents. If I’m at my parents within 10 mins I’m getting multiple phone calls to cone home. I am in a deep depression over this and told her I may need a therapist to talk to since I can’t talk to anyone else about my problems or else she gets mad. She rolled her eyes at me and said that was stupid. I’ve talked to her over and over about how I feel and she either doesn’t get it or care. I’m ready to leave but afraid of losing my house even though she has never even paid a payment on it. Nothing is in her bane but sure I’m going to lose everything . I guess at this point I’m so over it I’d rather lose everything then be in my hell. I’d rather be at work then home. Her mom is the secretary at my work so I don’t even know if I’d have a job if I leave her. I’m scared of wat to do but don’t want to keep living like this. As I write this we just fought over me cleaning the mud room. All she wants me to do is sit on the couch with her. I don’t know how much more I can take. She’s making Xmas horrible cause she doesn’t want my family around. I just want this to be over with

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