I am extremely overwhelmed today 😔 Relationship Family
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Today is my long distance boyfriend and I's 11 months anniversary. He's coming down to meet me for the first time with his family in 16 days. I'm excited but also terrified because I'm scared thqtu family won't like him and will force me to stop talking to him. (That won't happen I'll talk to him anyway.) I'm almost 18 and he's the only thing that make me happy. I've had a really shitty afternoon. My parents yelled at me while I was doing homework to clean. It's now dinner time, I'm almost done cleaning but I still have homework to do. I keep overthinking, my head is killing me. I just want the anxiety to stop. I just want them to accept him. I want them to stop yelling at me left and right. I just want everything to stop rn

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