I am confused he is my boyfriend or best friend? Relationship Friends
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I am a girl who studying my higher studies now. My best friend is having crush on me. I am not a beautiful girl, many girls in my school were having crush on him. He is a handsome hung of our school. I don’t know why he likes me. He is not proposed me yet. But conveying me his feelings indirectly. He normally hang out with his boys gang, he never spend time with girls. But in my case even I am avoiding him he came to me and asking such easy questions about the subject. Of course I am good at studies but he is also scoring good marks then why he asked me these things. I also felt this as a normal thing at first. One day he asked me “Are you interested in love?” I was shocked and walked away from him. Next day he apologized for his act and told me that “you are important in my life, whatever situation happens between us our friendship could not affect by it; don’t leave me in any situation”. I don’t know what to reply. I want to focus on my studies now. Also he is my best friend from childhood. He stands beside me even in my toughest times. Whenever I think about him his 5 year old image comes to my mind first. Yes he is my best friend from that age. I clearly saw that he liked me. I wouldn’t look at him like that before. But now days I always think that if he was my best friend or boyfriend. I also like him. I couldn’t identify in what way I like him as a friend or boyfriend? Is it ok to love your best friend?

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