Human personalities which is named as A, B, C and D. Daily Drag
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But for the convenience of studying a person the personalities are divided in several terms for different purposes, one of such classification is personality A, B, C and D. They are the director, the socializer, the thinker and the supporter. Here type A are people who like to be in charge of the things around them, they have leadership qualities, who are goal oriented and thinks practically. They do not like anything interfering in their process to achieve their goals be it emotions or relationships, they love changes and risk taking, they are independent people with multitasking skills and competitive mind set. They can be workaholic and be stubborn in order to achieve their plan and for the same reason they are insensitive, intolerant and ill tempered. They love freedom, opportunities and success. Type B personality are people who love attention, is outgoing and want everyone to like them and compliment them. They are fun loving, friendly, likable, lighthearted people who value relationships. They can be too self involved, hate being alone, have only short attention span, can be arrogant and a procrastinator. They love limelight and admiration more than anything else. When it come to type C personality, it will be a person who like well oriented, accurate, detail obsessed and stable circ*mstances. They are logical people who consider emotion as illogical, they focus only on facts. These people are dependable, creative, an*lytical, quality loving person who can be unsocial, detached skeptical and do things their own way. They have high problem solving capabilities. Type D personality people are security and longevity loving people who doesn’t like change and can do things repetitively, and are skilled in whatever they do. They are sincere caring, calm, unimposing, reliable beings who does not want leadership or attention. Because of these low-key behaviors they can be easily violated and used for benefits, does not speak up, is shy and fear changes. They like helping others and is logical and rational. There are personalities that have mixture of two or more personalities or can be personalities who does not come under any of these categories, they are known as personality X. These are only categories that people have created for their short term conveniences this is never standard and there are people who act like one personality and be another inside or other variations. But humans have always tried to understand their own behaviors and have not reached any final standard classification.


Wow that was indeed something new and pretty exciting that i came across. These characteristics remind me of zodiac signs. Now I'm not much equipped with those but as far as I have observed, A is Aries, B is Leo, C is Capricorn and D refers to Pisces hahah that is just my evaluation though. As you said, human personality is a huge spectrum and I find myself having multiple attributes of all these types. Like I love attention and admiration but sometimes I just want to crawl into a wh*le and want no one to recognize me, similarly I'm shy and scared and people do take advantage of me but I also tend to become arrogant and il-tempered. As I said, we all fall into different unique spectrums.
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