Human brain has the memory of a million gigabytes! Daily Drag
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Sometime after studying for exams I feel as if my memory capacity is full and I can no longer study anything else but I came to know that our memories can never be full because our brain capacity is assumed to be around 2.5 petabytes that is a million gigabytes, for us who are so knowledgeable on these capacity calculation due to our intense use of electronics can understand the weight of that amount because it is more than the capacity of a high functioning computer itself. For more comprehensible example- to fill our brain we will need to record 3 million hrs of tv shows for which we have to leave the tv running continuously for more than 300 years. It is difficult to measure our memory capacity because the amount of each memory will be different which will lead to variation in the space taken up and many memories are forgotten because it is insignificant which lead to freeing up of space. With this capacity we can store 4.7 billion books but the problem is that our memories are very disorganized just like a messy room so it is hard for us to find memories from our messy minds. People who have great memories sometime have it naturally or they have trained their brains to be organized which will make it easier for them to find a piece of information from that brain. So just wonder how much more space is there in our brains which we have left unused, we should also know that this discovery was recent, in previous findings brain was found to have lesser capacity so maybe even this finding can also be smaller than our actual brain capacity, who knows!

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