How to stop animal cruelty to an extent? Daily Drag
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The Kerala incident was just an insight into the bigger picture of the real cruelty to animals in the country. Though the country has maintained a decent grade; however, the chances of improvement are quite high. The existing penalties of Rs 50 must be raised, and higher penalties must be placed in case of cruelty with the animals, further law regarding the husbandry culture must be strengthened. The rules should adapt the approach followed by the Punjab & Haryana High Court and the Uttarakhand High Court of treating animals as legal persons and entities and thus ensuring them a dignified life. Giving the status of a legal person signifies that they should be treated at par with human beings and as there are stringent laws to any offences related to human beings same has to undergo with any offence or cruelty done to innocent and speechless animals. The instant case of death of pregnant elephant calls for government to take strict and sophisticated guidelines to punish the offenders. But emphasis has to be laid down on the fact that if the Ayodhya dispute took 134 years to come to a solution so, keeping in mind the pace of the government in the important matters, it is still unanswered as to whether water-tight guidelines related to animal health and safety will be fr*med. H

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