Hey guess who is nominated for Nobel prize!!!? Current Affairs
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Donald Trump the American President, the kind man who couldn’t even say 'Namaste' properly when he came to India, a person who formulated many peace spreading campaigns and a person who hasn’t faced any criticism from his own citizens, who is not a racist or a misogynist or a narcissist, yes it is him who is nominated for Nobel Prize. I must applaud the unbiased choice of the Nobel committee. I would to like just list the good deeds Trump has done since his winning of the president position in 2015 to deserve this nomination. He began his president career with the proclamation of building ‘the wall’ on the south border and throwing off all immigrants, he then went on to the suggestion of banning birthright citizenship, then came his Muslim banning which later changed as Muslims from the country with a terrorist history(because that makes sense!), then he did the most heinous crime of separating the children of immigrants from their parents, he wanted only the people who really ‘Loved’ the America(well of course it is something that can be easily found out), then we see him saying that Syrian refugees should be welcomed on a ‘ humanitarian basis’ then he clearly negates it by restricting the Syrians, the peace loving man want to destroy the ISIS using the ground troops of other countries and if not he will stop buying their oil (how brave to send in others for something HE promised), he wants no guns in classrooms but advises that the teachers must have guns because of what the American schools face which of course is something he cannot control!, he repeats his view of fighting gun attacks with guns. He was against raising of the minimum wage of workers, a comment he changed very soon to supporting the wage increase, along with it he advocated the increasing of taxes for the wealthy while soon after the tax percents for the wealthy was decreased largely. And there is something he does not believe in, that is - global warming, then suddenly he notices that global warming is affecting his golf course then he proclaims that he do believe in climate change but does not think that it is man-made. He repeats his nonsense that Obama was not born in America and when the debates fired he simply put the blame on Hillary Clinton and like a child asked to punish her and not him. He suggested torture of ISIS families for interrogation. And all I listed is something which he has said, withdrawn and again reclaimed several times, which is never match for a President. And after all this, what he is awarded is the Nobel Prize nomination which of course he deserves, Doesn’t he?


It is not in our hand to decide so!! All we can do is to watch him gain this prize
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