Healthy mind resides in a healthy body!!! Daily Drag
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If your mind is healthy then automatically your body becomes healthy. This is old saying which tells us the importance of health and how a good health can keep you ahead of everyone and keep you motivated.
There are many benefits of Good health so, keeping those in mind everyone should be motivated to work for your health and to keep yourself fit and healthy. In my opinion, motivation to be healthy should be that if you are healthy then you can do any work and can excel in your field without any hindrances. Isn’t it the best motivation to keep you healthy?
If you are healthy then you complete your work on time and you are not at all lagging behind your other colleagues. Healthy mind always have good ideas and which inculcate in you every habits that are very useful for being successful in your life. You are very much requested to keep yourself motivated to be healthy. Healthy body will not have any disease and you will not have to waste money on the medicines. So, you can save money by being healthy. There are various other motivations which can give you proper health and keeps you healthy.

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