Hack goes wrong, microwaved eggs bu*st on face of women Grievance Electronics & Appliances
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Internet is full of cooking and beauty hacks which the home-made-businesses are selling but you never know which one of those hacks hack your peace just like it did of 22 year old Bethany Rosser. She checked a recipe of cooking eggs in microwave on a YouTube channel and followed the same. The minute after she took the eggs out of the machine, she came closer to examine if they were done and that it when they bu*st on her face. Her skin started bu*ning and got a swollen eye due to which she was rushed to hospital immediately. Doctors fear that the damage may be been permanent.


ritul mukherjee
Internet is a place which one cannot trust blindly, anyone can post anything on internet, and there is no one to review it, so before following something that you see or read on internet, it should be cross-checked or confirmed with someone who knows about that specific field. Incidents like these are warnings to the people who rely too much on the internet. This is a good topic, poeple need to know the after effects of following something without knowing about the exact outcomes.
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