Guilt tripping into thinking your emotions are wrong is toxic! Daily Drag
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I am going to share my personal experience in this matter with parents, friends and fortunately ex- boyfriend. So when they usually ask why I did something that they asked me not to do. As a normal human being capable of an apt rational thinking, I'm supposed to say and state the reasons, why I thought I should have done it, in what way did that benefit me right? And as soon as I start with "It's because--", I'm cut off with "you think you're the owner of this house", and I'm like "But I never said that---", and in return I get a " So now you gonna cut me off?" Like bruh you're cutting me off!!!!!! So my ex boyfriend once asked me about something that I did and I said yeah because blah blah and well at least he had the audacity to listen to me however the audacity of him guilt tripping me of what I did JEEZ!! So he manipulated me into believing what I did, even if that made me feel free and happy which was totally a good thing, was not right because I didn't tell him about it. So the fact that he is insecure of not knowing EVERYTHING about me has to ruin my happiness? WOW OKAY COOL. And then come the friends. Like Remya, I think I'm ready to move on and Remya be like " what? It's just been three monthgs of your break up? Yes he hurt you, yes he was obssessive and abusive but how can you do this to him?" Like bruh! I'm not getting into a relationshio with someone new!! Well even if I was it is a good thing I'm getting over the wounds! WHY THE HELL NOT!!!

It's just sad how some people won't let you express your emotions and then make you feel as if you're emotions were wrong. They'd pretend to love you (not family, they misinterpret just try to ignore their ignorance it's not deliberate), but the people around you, be careful!

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