Grandparents are suffering a lot during these times. Relationship Family
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I have two grannies in my home and these thoughts crossed my mind. This covid has been proven a hell to aged people and the grandparents in our homes. Our grannies and grandpas are people who have reached a time of their age where they crave for attention just like small children and their relief was the people visiting them and talking to them about their illnesses and asking others of their well being. Grandparents can become more prying in their age because they don’t have anything else to do other than hearing stories of others or telling their own stories. If in a rural area they can even go out to meet people and spend some time but if they are living in urban areas the possibility for having friend groups are difficult, if they have reached a stage of not being able to walk and move around then they are in even more pathetic situation. Their children and grand children will be busy with their lives and these people’s only comfort become the visitors who come to see them. In this covid times even visitors won’t come as aged people are instructed to remain indoors and most of the aged people wouldn’t have mobile phones to play with like the younger generation and watching television also has a limit. Since socializing is not happening they can’t even know stories of others. These grandparents might be going through very tough situation of dealing already confined lives which have become confined again by covid. Let’s give them more attention and fill their boredom even if it bores us because their smiles have the same innocence of children, which will be very pleasant to watch.

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