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when we hear about crimes done to women and see the news that 1 out of 5 women has had experiences of sexual assault we think about our girl children who has to face the world but there is another aspect to it, the men that are doing these crimes and that amount is also very big, so we should also be aware of the fact that from where does our sons learn these cruelty if not from their surroundings. We think that our sons won’t do such things but looking at the statistics even the men from our own homes might also be included in it. Here we should start thinking about the toxic masculinity taught to boys. We have films where men go out to fight the villain ALONE and achieve the ‘trophy’ that is women. We have films where men have serious conversations and are always thinking about great things while women only talk about their love interests. This heroism is taught to our sons right from their infancy when they fall down and elders say to him not cry as he is a boy and not to be a sissy. They are not supposed to complain to others they are supposed to face all problems alone. And these children also think that abuses and assaults are done only to girls and when they face it they are dumbfounded whether to complain about it, even if they complain they are only mocked because they are supposed to face it alone. They are forced to prove their masculinity using their manhood, so they are in stress if they fail in a relationship because wooing a girls is man’s trait and if failed in it his ego hurts and might want to hurt the girl instead(we know acid attacks). He is insulted mocked and bullied for not meeting the masculine traits. A boy is called names if he has friends who are girls, if he likes cooking or is into fashion, if he wears pink, if he supports a feminist view, if he considers his wife’s opinions because he should have his own views and is expected not to agree with others. He should be unemotional even if his loved ones dies, having compassion is also not allowed, he must take good decisions and is always pressured to stand alone in decision making even if it is a grave situation and the list goes on and on. The men who are bullied try to prove their masculinity by showing power over women and subjugating them. When we teach our girls to be strong we should not forget that our sons also need classes in not internalizing this toxicity by showing them even men can cry, sometimes it is women who leads, it is okay to fight by standing together and not facing it alone, to speak about his problems, only then will our education will be balanced.

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