Girlfriend and I have been arguing need advice please help! Relationship Significant Others
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In need of advise!!! My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years now,Lately it's just been arguing back and forth, we both work and work different hours and she has CNA classes to also top it off, we barely see each other and when we do we argue but only about me being affectionate towards her, she doesn't want to be kissed or hugged when I see her or try to spend time with her, and if we're watching tv she hates when I pay more attention to her than the tv, she says she wants space like not hugged or kissed or touched so wth am I doing wrong? She works from 2pm-10:30pm and sometimes has CNA classes every other day/week which those classes are from 4pm-8pm my work schedule is from 9pm or 10pm - 9am or 8am. So when I see her she's sleeping so i sleep with her than she gets up and gets ready for her work around 11am or so but when she does she doesn't want to be bothered by me. We both were looking forward to looking for our very first apartment but at this point she says it's not worth it due to the fact that we've just been arguing

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