Forever is a function of an instance. Relationship Significant Others
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Hhahaah did it get too mathematical? Well, I mean it in a total literary and general way. Forever is nothing but an impending dream, which is kind of equivalent to being an illusion, since we are not immortals, eternity seems like a fiction no?

When we hear "forever", the first thing that comes into my mind (and into the mind's of almost 8-9 people I have discussed this with) is a relationship and the daily instagr*m feeds with the #together_forever captions. I genuinely believe you just never make those kind of promises to someone or even yourself. Yes, sometimes, things are so perfect, so la-la-land-ish that you want the time to just freeze and stay "forever" but that is just the state of an instance! That one "will you be with me forever or i will be yours forever" can break hearts to an irreversible extent. Some day what if you end it, and decide there are better things for you and move on? What is the other person supposed to do while deleting the past memories and coming across this hashtag, doubting every second of your togetherness?

Change is a part of life. In a particular state, you might want the illusion of forever, but its better to not convince yourself or someone else of something that would probably not happen.

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