Finally my package arrived and I'm so excited!! Daily Drag
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It had been a long time since I last read a good book. I don't know why I didn't order before but thought of it just as my college is re-opening hahah its as if I always need a distraction or an excuse. So since past 5 years I have been into murder-mysteries. I tried philosophy, finished it, HATED IT. I tried classic romance, couldn't go above 5 pages and gave in. I used to think I was never a reader till I read Sidney sheldon's "the naked face" and then I kept reading and reading just more of his works and he always amazed me! I love his work! However instagr*m had been giving me some universal signs, no matter what bookstr*mmer i search for, they're all into high fantasy fiction which I had never tried. I already regret why I had to start my reading journey with philosophy and I didn't want to add another one by never reading fiction. I did read percy jackson and the lightning bolt, so I was like why not. So there's this "The cruel prince" , book 1 of the folk of the air triology by Holly black and wherever I went people were talking about it so I just got real excited and ordered it which arrived today. I'm kind of scared as I bought the wh*le triology owing to my curiosity I hope it's as good as I heard.

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