Few life facts that are true noticed around me. Confession
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After looking all over to so many different relationships around me- I still feel there are some people who believe in comfort and being yourself then anything else. A few sentences i an*lysed after gazing around-
I want someone who understands me, I don't need someone who just tells that I understand but actually doesn't. I want someone who appreciates me, I don't need someone who ignores my efforts.I want someone who is cranky as well as understanding, I don't need someone who tells me to act emotionless and expressionless in front of everyone. I want someone who accepts me as I am, I don't need someone who asks me to change bcz he can't understand. I want someone who makes efforts always, I don't need someone who just tries once. I want someone who actually knows my worth and is afraid of losing me no matter how hard it's on us bcz I don't need someone who treats me as an option. I want someone who knows his mistake and accepts it's bcz I don't want someone who ignores it and I have to be sorry for what he has done. I want someone who shouts at me when I mess it when I go wrong and who makes it's imp to sit down and solve bcz I don't need someone who just ignores solving. I want someone who cares and if is not there with me at that moment but makes sure that i know that person is there always praying for me bcz I don't need a person who is enjoying when he is knows I'm sobbing hard in a corner for him.
I want a person who doesn't feels ashamed to accept me may it be private also but I want someone who accepts me with pride bcz I don't need someone who ignores me bcz I care.
I'm not a girl/boy who believes in expensive gifts because I'm a normal girl/boy for whom expensive things are the things mentioned above.


Yeah! That's the purest demand one can have for themselves. I'm not saying I would be against you if your opinion contradicts mine I mean that is totally fine, but have respect enough for me to understand my viewpoint or if you can't understand at least try to realise I have my own set of perception. Just communicate, discuss instead of tantrums and mind games that's all we need.
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