Fear of man, how others rule our lives than us. Daily Drag
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I don’t know how many of you has heard about this phrase, it is biblical ideology advicing not to fear man but only god. Keeping aside the religious part the rest of the ideology is a very useful one but a very difficult one to follow. We being social beings have this sense of ego and morale which is intrinsically connected with other people. Just think about it, the things we sacrifice or avoid because of the fear of people, like ‘what might the people say if I wear this’, ‘they wouldn't approve of my decision’, can I go out with my friend at this time what if someone see us?,' is this job suited for my status will they mock me?' And such thoughts goes on and almost drive our life more than our dreams. I was a person who decided to study Literature even before reaching my 10th standard, if that was the case it would have been better for me to opt Humanities in my 11th but I took commerce instead, can you guess why?because people think that children who take humanities are the ones with lowest marks, I didn’t want people to look down on me since I had achieved a very good result in my 10th and wanted people to recognize it and to achieve that I went to the extend of studying something which didn't even go with my dream. Similarly if we listen to our parents’ talk, they might say ‘we don’t mind about these things but others wouldn't see it that way’. Likewise our fear of man is so fatal that people even take decisions of ending their life rather than getting disgraced in front of others. Indian society is different from west in this case, the people hear are always looking into other's life. There are people who does this with good intentions,their comments and opinion can be taken as suggestions, this culture of ours is ill used by man others, they pry on us just to find mistakes, this we should reject. I know it will be difficult to rewrite a habit that is engraved into us through culture, but we should overcome this to avoid greater pressures. Accept suggestions don’t shut out everyone because there might be well wishers but do shut out others. Use the suggestions if you want, but always follow your dreams without fear of man. It will bring us peace of mind.

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