Fashion waste and the large quantity of it is saddening. Daily Drag
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We always hear about the lack of waste disposal infrastructure in and and around the world and that is a common news but what we usually not hear is the amount of textile waste that is created all around the world after a consumer use and more than that before even it is sold. Living in a country where there are people with not even one proper dress to wear it is saddening to hear that yearly tons of waste are created from fashion industry, many of which is things that are not sold and another set which has become ‘out of fashion’. We are also people who throw out dress if it has gone out of fashion. The people of this era are more interested in buying clothes and are more fashion conscious, it is found that people buy more clothes today than 20 years before and they throw out more clothes than 20 years before too. When we talk about pollution we must also know how these textile waste also play great part in it. Everyday we wash our clothes, it releases tiny fiber wastes which pollutes either the earth or sometimes the ocean becoming harmful to the ocean beings. If done more technically it is proved that the fashion industry can save up to 4 billion per year, which is enough to curb the poverty of a country. When rich people spent billions on clothes and wastes it, there are a group of beings dying of starvation each day.

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