1. VCommunity – is a term we use to define a community of people sharing their vents and frustration.
  2. VPolls – is our Polling section where you can give your opinion for the polls we generate.
  3. VMoments – is a section of the platform where you can share and view the frustrating moments and win awards for the best picture based on likes and dislikes. You can only upload the picture under this section from your handheld device since we expect these to be live picture, however you can view the pictures submitted through our website as well.
  4. VHonor – these are three awards given to users based on the activities.
  5. VQ – abbreviation for VentQuotient is a proprietary scoring system based on which the post trend on the platform in descending order.
  6. VPoints – these are points earned when you create a vent, or share a post or reply or indicate your choice on the comment by others.
  7. VComment – a frustrating comment posted by the user.
  8. Supporter – you can make a supporter for that particular post/ category if someone indicates “like” or “to the point” action.
  9. WTH – abbreviation for “what the hell”
Q. How can I change my password?

A. You can change the password by accessing the website and under the My Account in the settings tab.

Q. Can I put any profile picture if I need to be anonymous?

A. You may put any picture to hide your identity, as long as the picture chosen is not of any country flag, anyone else, pornographic, religious, derogatory, inflammatory, promote terrorism, discriminatory or offensive etc. Use a picture which is suitable for other users to see.

Q. How can I change the settings of the email I receive from ventallout.com?

A. We have given you the flexibility to manage the correspondence from ventallout.com as per your needs. However, we suggest you to subscribe to all the emails as we have carefully chosen the milestones for any email correspondence and by unsubscribing you may be missing important updates.

Q. How can I change my profile to be hidden (private) from other users?

A. Under the My Account section below the About Me there is a toggle button for “Public/Private” which can be used to make your profile public or private (hidden from other users).

Q. Can I change my username?

A. You are not able to change the username once the account is made.

Q. Can I post a video from any website while creating a vent?

A. Currently we allow videos only from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. In case you post a video from any other website, we may block the access or the system might pick up a static image from the page or allot a sample picture from our directory to the post.

Q. Can I post an article from any website while creating a vent ?

A. Yes, you may post an article from any website provided it is not pornographic, religious, derogatory, inflammatory, promotes terrorism, discriminatory or offensive etc in any nature.

Q. Can I post a vent without video or article from any source?

A. Yes, you may do so by typing your vent in the topic page and populating the comment section.

Q. What can I do if someone has posted a derogatory post?

A. We at ventallout.com want to create a healthy community and we do not promote comments which hurts people sentiments in any manner. You can choose to report the comment by clicking on “Report abuse” (flag icon) or by writing to grievanceofficer@ventallout.com.

Q. What can I do if I want to block a user?

A. We value each and every user and their preference of content or users they interact with and hence we allow functionality to block particular users from your feed without engaging with them directly. Use the “Report Abuse” button and select ‘block user’ check box. By checking this check box, you will also not be able to see any vents created by that user in future.

Q. What can I do if I want to block a particular vent?

A. You have the ability to block vent from your feed should you find it against your liking. This way you will not be able to see the thread of the blocked vent from your feed in future.

Q. How can I contact the support team of ventallout?

A. We are available to you for any help through email on support@ventallout.com

Q. How can I apply for open positions at ventallout?

A. We are constantly looking for talent and we value your experience. You can apply for open positions at careers@ventallout.com.

Q. How can I contact the grievance officer to share my concern?

A. The grievance officer is available at grievanceofficer@ventallout.com.

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