Fake news on social media irritate us a lot Daily Drag
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Fake news on what’s app is annoying. You may find a circular on your family what’s app group which says that full lock down is going to establish from September 25. The Press Bu*ro told that this is a fake circular .Don’t know why someone create fake messages like this. Many people believe this forward messages on what’s app. My relative kid was fainted by a horror forward message. He is a ten years old child. He used his mother’s mobile phone. He saw a forward message which contains a horror story and addition of it that message said that if you wouldn’t forward this message to all your contact then I will kill your mom and dad. He is a child and scared to the core by this message. He got fever because of that fear. I agree giving mobile phones to kid is wrong. But his mother used kids lock when she give her phone to him. But this incident happened when he was using WhatsApp to attend online class. He used to listen online class through WhatsApp group. He suddenly saw that message . His classmate send this message to him. That child is also fainted by that forward message. People who doing these things have to be punished.

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