Fair Use of a product might sometimes lead to copyright infringement Daily Drag
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Copyright Protection has a lot of scope both in terms of legal and practical dimension which is an important application of copyright law. Various elements are associated when it comes to determining scope of it like, the theory of ideas and expression including merger of the two, substantial similarity between two works, liabilities incurred out of it and many more. But this article focuses on the doctrine of fair use and the cases where this doctrine can be invoked in economic as well as any contemporary area of law
Fair use is the doctrine that entitles the copier to copy the copyrighted work without being called an infringer even though the copyright holder i.e. the producer has not entitled him to copy. No general theory has ever talked about the cases that have invoked this doctrine
Often, there is conflict that arises out of similarity content and various other factors. in these cases, copyright is infringed and rights are violated. hence, it is important that you do not indulge into unfair practices.

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