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Often times people answer when asked
Ques: what do you want to eat
Ans-Kuch bhi
Where should we go for outing-
Ans- kahin bhi. 

Sounds familiar???

Well,  this is so normal to hear, almost everybody says like this.  So what's the problem, you would be thinking...

Well,  there's no problem in the above case  but the problem happens when this kind of pattern in thinking becomes a habit over a period of time.  As the famous zen saying goes - the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

And imagine... when you don't have clarity in thinking and when you have to ask for concrete answers like -

What kind of girl you wish to marry?
What kind of job you want to do?
What kind of house you wish to buy?

What will you do?? 

And without clarity, whatever you get will be a coincidence , it could be workable or could be a disaster. If it's not workable,  begins a chain of blame game.
"What bad karma i had to attract such a boss"
"Why did God give me this kind of husband"? And the list goes on.

As Paretos principle say that 80% of our life depends on 20% decisions we take.

So why not focus clearly on 20% to make lives wonderful by another 80% automatically.

Just ponder....

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