Even during this pandemic health authorities are irresponsible. Daily Drag
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It’s been 17 days since my neighbor has come from a gulf country and since then they are under self imposed quarantine since they are decent people who pays heed to our current situation. But we came to know that the health authority has not acted responsibly. When flight tickets are booked the residential details are taken to pass on information and take apt actions but even after a day he came no one came or called inquiring the situations, it was my neighbor himself who called the health inspector and informed and asked what to do, no one marked the gate as quarantine or stuff. After 14 days when my neighbor called the authority to know about coming out of quarantine no one responded and only after 2 days did they call and gave instructions. What I am saying is that how come the spread is going to curb when the health authority itself is irresponsible, it was a blessing since my neighbors were responsible people, what if they are also irresponsible? They would have gone out and traveled all over the place and if positive how many cases would have arose here?. Even when the governments do high talks on controlling the cases and health activities, in actuality nothing is done properly or maybe it’s just our regional authority that is irresponsible, I am not sure. Do you have such experiences?


Unfortunately, people have been travelling so much, I only pity the authorities for their current situations. Why can't people stay stay indoors! YES, ECONOMY, YADA YADA but seriously this is taking a toll on everything. out of 100, if there are 40 goverment officials, how do you expect it to balance out right?
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