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I have been reading this fantastical fiction named "The cruel Prince" by Holly black. I saw a lot of Instagr*m posts saying it has an amazing "enemy-to-lover" plot and I really am a su*ker for that stuff. HOWEVER! I hate how my strong feminism just vanishes while reading that kind of stuff! Like from the beginning this guy has a magical power and has been treating this human girl as nothingness, dragging her through the filth only to confess that he hated her as he could not stop thinking about her!! Are you kidding. THAT IS TOXIC LOVE which I don't know why got my heartbeat so fast like I threw the book off of my hands and I'm talking as if some camera is capturing my face for review and I'm all screaming and shouting like why why whyyyy even though I knew this would happen. I remember around page 80, I wrote in the book "don't fall in love" and here I am page 307 with this charming irresistable romance!! I hate my thinking sometimes.

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