E-commerce that benefited from this Covid times. Daily Drag
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This is times which has affected everyone equally, people are loosing jobs, shop owners can't open their shops, buyers have dwindled as they are keeping away from public places, from small sellers to multi national billionaires this Covid has affected adversely, I have not seen nothing so democratic as covid because it has affected rich and poor, powerful and powerless, young and old all alike. and there are only a few things that has not been affected and even benefited from it, one of it is the e-commerce, since everyone is avoiding going out , they prefer things to be bought to them and this is made possible by the online sellers like Amazon, flipkart and similar online platforms. The people who once didn’t support these kinds of purchases are also turning to these methods, since I am not living in a city but an urban area and people here are slow in adapting new technological changes and online shopping is something that my people started due to covid. These online platforms is gaining greater profits during the lockdown season. This has even bought the small sellers too to take up online alternatives to hike their sale. though it is tough times let this be a trigger for bringing changes and inventions that benefits humans as a wh*le.

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