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Dreams are something that we daily see but know hardly anything about it. It is said that dreams are not that necessary when it comes to our biological survival but it is important for humans so as to reach completeness in their personality as it is the bridge between conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Many researchers agree on the fact that our dreams have meaning though dreams are not significant physically. Dreams are the ‘royal road’ to our personalities and our unconscious we may be able to find answers for which we haven’t found any answers, it can be very helpful when it comes to psychological evaluation of a person. Our dreams can be our wish fulfillment where we see something that we always want to experience or it can be a way of letting out of repressed emotions be it fear or sadness or can simply show our capability of imagination and fantasy. There are four elements of understanding the dreams according to Freud.
Condensation: many different ideas is stuffed into a single span of dream.
Displacement: here emotional meaning can be disguised and confused by insignificant parts of the dreams.
Symbolization: here the repressed ideas are disguised as some kinds of symbols.
Secondary revision: we see the dreams in bizarre ways and order and in this method those are reorganized to make out the meaning from them.
According to other researchers the dreams can be interpreted through various archetypes of the universe. While others said that symbols in the dreams are all based on the individuals, so we cannot give all symbols the same meaning, making the interpretation hard. Though the dream interpretation is not something that solid, people are becoming more interested in it and there are a lot ways through which people are guided to an*lyze their dreams like dream guides. In spite of all the attempts of interpretation it is clear fact that no one has ever been able to grasp the real intensity of dreams.


Wow this one was quite intriguing. I have often searched about these hidden meanings the common one being if you find yourself running it means you chase something in real life and all. Then I came across some myth like if you see a snake its bad luck and all that stuff but nothing so deep and scientific. I often meet people from my past who I'm no longer in touch with and wonder why all of a sudden them? It's beautiful isn't it, the mystery?
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