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According to the data of National Crime Records bu*eau, the total number of incidences of dowry death in the year 2018 was 7166 and 7277 victims in total and the rate which was calculated came out to be 1.1% which shows the fact that this menace in the society is increasing every year. Despite the fact that, stringent laws related to dowry are already there in the Indian Penal Code and the Dowry Prohibition Act, no decline has been seen in this area. In most of the cases, the accused is found guilty of subjecting his wife to cruelty and harassment in furtherance of the demand for dowry which ultimately leads to her death.
Dowry as a consideration for marriage is totally inconsistent with the dignity of humankind and the fact that a bridegroom still is to be purchased by paying a high price in the form of dowry. This is not only a deathless shame but is derogatory not only for her but also affects the self-respect of her parents. Despite the presence of Article 23 in the Constitution of India which guarantees the dignity of a person by prohibiting trafficking in human beings and forced labour, dowry is still prevalent in the society. And when this unnatural demand of dowry is not fulfilled, the woman has to undergo torture and cruelty meted out on her by her husbands’ side which in most of the case lead to mental depression and anxiety which either develop in herself suicidal tendencies or she forcefully is subjected to death, termed as “Dowry Death”. If murder is considered as a diabolic crime, a dowry death is 100 times more than that.
In practice, the anti-dowry law like Dowry Prohibition Act or the punishments prescribed under Indian Penal Code, like any other welfare legislation, may prove to be charade and a having forty winks enactment. It may be observed more in fall foul of than in execution. Unless a serious attempt is made to enforce it, it may prove to be a dead letter. However, the law alone cannot tackle traditional evils like Dowry Death. Adequate social awareness and education together with the determination to back all measures designed to check such evils are also necessary.

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