Does Flat Earthers of the 21st Century have some point? Daily Drag
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I have studied in my textbooks that ancient Greek philosophers and common people thought that the earth was flat and even feared going great distances in case they might fall off from the earth. But it was fascinating to me knowing that there are a set of people who believes that earth is flat even in this day. Yes, there really are such people who genuinely believe that the earth is flat and they even have an international organization in their name too. Their debates with NASA are very popular. The first basic reason for them to believe the earth as flat is that we see earth as flat. Well there they are right we never see earth as round do we?, even when we are in a flight, the earth below is flat. They say that earth is a disc with Arctic circle in the center and Antarctica surround the rim of the disc and have a 150 feet tall ice mountains which is guarded by NASA in order to avoid people crossing over or falling off. They accuse NASA of having fabricated satellite images of the earth. They also argue the existence of an invisible anti-moon that hides moon during eclipses and also that earth doesn’t have gravity but is pulled up instead by some mysterious dark force. Well it really might seem absurd to us but what evidence do we have other that what the organizations say to us? so if flat earthers are accusing NASA of conspiracy then we don’t have anything else to prove that earth is round, well other scientists might but for common people there are none. The fact that we are believing in NASA and other scientific organizations and the textbooks blindly is also a fact, so some other people believing in this flat earth theory are also like one of us. So though it first seemed absurd to me, I now kind of have no reason to say the flat earthers are saying nonsense. It is also very fascinating how convincing these people sound. Sometimes, I think, that it is nice to have our belief systems questioned because it helps us realize how blindly we believe many things.

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