Do I have a normal Celebrity Crush or have I just fallen hopelessly in love? Relationship Significant Others
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Well, I'm here to get out that I maybe be crushing/in love with someone I have not shot at ever getting with. For the past few weeks now, I've found myself only thinking about one actor/singer/song-writer and how I would love nothing more than to be called his, but I know good and well it will never happen, which is what crushes me.

The celebrity in question is Aidan Gallagher, whom many know him for playing as Five Hargreeves in the hit Netflix series Umbrella Academy. To clarify, he's only a year or so older than me so we are within the same age range.

Well, that's the guy of my dreams. He's sweet, kind, dorky, adorable, and loving, and I'd love nothing more than to just tell him how I feel or even have the chance to be his, but I know that's something that will never happen and it crushes me.
I've had crushes before and I've had celebrity crushes before, but none have affected me in such a way where I feel alive just thinking about him, but also feel pained and heart broken knowing I have no chance. I love imagining and dreaming, but being hit with harsh reality has made me have to pause classes and classwork just so I could have a crying session over how I know I'll never get to be with him.

My problem comes in with the fact that I live miles away from him and I have hardly any social media presence, so I'd have no chance of even being noticed by him. I've tried telling myself that I'm in love with the idea of him or in love with the character he plays on tv, but none of that has helped as I know this is just attraction to simply him. He's perfect and everything I'd want in a significant other, but I guess I'll just be left to suffer with my dream of him returning those feelings.

I feel as if I truly am hopeless and I just feel to awful and alone to wait and hope that this goes away in a few months like most crushes do. I just don't know what to do anymore as I'm only a teen and it's not like I can just tell him how I feel or fly down to L.A. to increase my chances of getting with him. What should I truly do? Please, I'm desperate for help.


First of all, you have an amazing sense of taste! This guy is so dope and yes I was very impressed with his performance in umbrella academy. I have had celebrity crushed but not that hard you know? But for time being all I can say is, you really never know if you guy will meet? What if you work hard on yourself and you turn out to be flight-mates someday? I know you think these are fantasies but it is a possibility though. And you are in love with the idea of him as you said, cause trust me, you can't fall in love with someone unless you know their darkest sided. I'm not saying its nothing! Maybe you will find a way to explore that!


Its so nice that you have fallen for a nice guy but that's just it. You don't know who he is. What he loves and likes to do. The interviews and all are usually heavily trained material. It is impossible for you to know for real if you love him unless you meet and have a talk with him. But celebrity crushes can be heartbreaking too. And its okay. Having crushes is completely normal.
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