Déjà Vu the human mystery that is still unsolved. Daily Drag
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We all have might have had this experience where at a certain moment we feel as if we have already been in that moment, the phenomenon called Déjà vu. Sometimes it is fascinating and sometimes it is scary. It is something that has been researched for a long time and have not found answers still. Yet there are certain theories that is speculated by researches some of it are
• Attentional explanation of déjà vu says that when we do something our attention gets distracted from it for some reason and later when we return to that unfinished task we might feel really familiar with that same position and action
• Memory related hypotheses is that since we have short term and long term memory, it is possible during certain experiences there might happen a glitch between these two memories where a certain thing that we do is not registered by us but when we repeat the same thing the experience goes straight to the long term memory giving the sensation of Déjà vu.
• In dual processing simultaneous experience is processed at different times, this can be memories that are out of sync or our brain is simply processing events at a different time of their occurrences.
• The neurological explanation is completely medical where some seizures in temporal lobe or other glitches in the brains processing centers leads to weird experiences like Déjà vu.
All these are some assumed causes of déjà vu which is science related, but paranormal believers also connect the déjà vu events with parallel universe or past lives, sometimes it is also assumed that our subconscious mind is trying to show us something through this method of déjà vu. Whatever the cause might be the eeriness of that experience and the undiscovered mystery behind its origin make it all the more intriguing.


Wow! That is some incredible set of facts. I have felt these moments a lot of times and have always felt as if I was in some kind of a movie or something you know? A secret agent on a secret mission whose memory was swiped off and its all returning. Obviously its just a fantasy (as if you were to believe it duh!). I have also kind of wondered if these enigmatic moments were indeed related to our past lives. I hope a clear explanation for the same releases soon!
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