Divorce is a solution not the end of the world! Relationship Family
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Marriages are highly valued in this society and it is as if all are working towards marrying someone especially girls in general. the society is like a bollywood movie that teaches the children only the romances and not the reality of facing the real situations,because marriage is not the pomp weddings and beautiful photographs, marriage is living with a person for the rest of your life,in Indian context it is taking another family into our lives girls have to leave everything that once was her sky and earth, boys have to learn to bring another individual into his life and make her feel comfortable and all these are not as easy as society teaches, it is high labor jobs and once a problem arises it will remain a problem or can also bl*w up into greater problems. We don’t teach the youth how to face a situation when they are not able to conform to the new life or how to face the difficulties or when to have a divorce because divorce is considered like an influenza that should be kept away. This stigma that society creates around divorce is something that have lead to many tragedies in many lives. We must know that when impossible to solve some problem we have to take up divorce as a solution, yes it is a solution! not a huge monster that should be kept away. Divorces are serious matters that should be considered in dire situations only, but it SHOULD be taken up or else the loss will be of the family who might have to face other situations which will be more dreadful than a simple divorce. People might say things or make up stories about our life, but is OUR life, if getting a divorce is the only solution in having a happy life you should take it. Having kids might keep you away from getting a divorce, but think about your kids growing up in a space where you are always fighting with your husband or with your in-laws, or your kids is always seeing you depressed and defeated, these things will affect your kid even psychologically when they grow up. So it is better to live apart and give happiness to yourself and your kids than living together and making your life and their life a hell. We should work towards taking off the stigma surrounding the Divorces because it will help a lot of families.

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