Dinosaurs and the their non-existence belief. Daily Drag
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Do you know that there are people who do not believe that dinosaurs ever existed? Well this number Is not a small one, there are large group of people who think that dinosaurs are mere myth like creatures like the dragons. It was after 1800s that scientists started their discoveries and the dinosaurs came into our education system. But many people say that all these dinosaur theories are mere hoaxes and even say that the fossils that stand as evidences were put under earth by scientists themselves. The main reason for this disbelief is the bible where it is said that there is no citing about existence of dinosaurs in the bible. There are even parents who don’t want their children to believe in these findings. The problem with these facts is that since the evidence can be known as authentic by only professional paleontologist the common people can assume whatever they want this is the reason that such facts have many interpretations.

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