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DiCaprio is someone familiar to international audience and for those who don’t know his real name he will always be known as 'Jack' in the epic movie ‘The titanic’. DiCaprio is a luxurious name in Hollywood who was extraordinarily popular in memes for not getting an Oscar for which the Hollywood fans were devastated for years but when he won the best actor award in 2016 he surprised a portion of his viewers with his speech on environment protection, it was a wake up call for the audience both to climate change and to the wild environmentalist DiCaprio really was. He is a person who wasn’t new to the activism for environment and climate change as many think but was a person obsessed with environment and its protection right from 1990’s. His activities were more than a publicity stunt which we realize from his life style. His dedication reaches the zenith when he uses his riches mainly for this cause; he bought the Blackadore caye island in order to protect its mangroves and has been contributing great amounts to wildlife protections and other similar purposes. He even has staffs who brief him on climate changes and related laws. He has also been in discussion with leaders dealing with the same matters. Having a foundation under his own name, producing two doc*mentaries on the same topic and owning several Eco-friendly apartments DiCaprio has become the green symbol for the blind youth immersed in entertainments. When their own film hero takes up actions for environment protection the inspiration and awareness that instills is not small.

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