Depression is engulfing me slowly. Confession
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Both of my parents are working. I have always enjoyed the freedom of living alone. But currently I am 23 but I have started living depressed. The current scenario has added to my anxiety. Now a days as my parents go out for their respective office , I feel extremely lonely. I can't even explain how I feel. As if I have no one by my side and I am left alone in the wh*le world. I feel like talking to no one , can't even concentrate on my studies. I feel helpless and absolutely hopeless. I hate to stay alone. I enjoy my weekend with my family. But their work is also important. What should I do? I feel low throughout the day


Hey man !! Hope you are doing good. I know how this loneliness feels like as I have experienced it.I am not gonna say like its easy to overcome blah blah blah. But trust me having friends also brings in betrayals , fight, breakdowns etc. So try to enjy ur own company. And 1 safest addiction I can say to kill loneliness is music. Just try it .Listen to music whenever you are doing anything and it just makes u feel like there is something , some cheering factor with you! Have a good day!
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