Depression is engulfing me slowly. Confession
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Both of my parents are working. I have always enjoyed the freedom of living alone. But currently I am 23 but I have started living depressed. The current scenario has added to my anxiety. Now a days as my parents go out for their respective office , I feel extremely lonely. I can't even explain how I feel. As if I have no one by my side and I am left alone in the wh*le world. I feel like talking to no one , can't even concentrate on my studies. I feel helpless and absolutely hopeless. I hate to stay alone. I enjoy my weekend with my family. But their work is also important. What should I do? I feel low throughout the day


Awwh hey that is sweet. In a world where the youth doesn't seem to care about their family we have someone who does!!! And it is okay if you are 23 or 34, there is no age for attachment right! But you are right we gotta do something about it. I say talk to your parents more they seem chill, they would probably help you make amazing friends!
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